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Fake A Ukrainian soldier was taken prisoner as he called the Russians jackals and marauders

This information was spread by pro-Russian social networks. Allegedly, the Russian military during the night assault on Bakhmut captured a volunteer from the “Revansh” (Revenge) battalion, Stanislav Kolomiiets.

In the spring, Kolomiiets recorded a video in the village of Moshchun, Kyiv region, where, against the backdrop of dead Russians, he says that “these jackals” failed to plunder the property of Ukrainians. This video was used by Russian propagandists, saying that this soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was “found, taken and punished”. As evidence, they published a video in which he allegedly “apologizes” to the Russian occupiers while in captivity.

In fact, Stanislav Kolomiiets, who before the full-scale war led the municipal inspectorate in the Cherkasy city council, is still in Kyiv and cannot be on the other side of the front line in the Donbas. This was confirmed by the former people's deputy Ihor Mosiichuk, godfather of Kolomiiets.

Russian propagandists in this way intimidate the Ukrainians and, against the backdrop of their own defeats, create a deceptive effect that achieves success at the front.

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