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Message In the territories occupied by Russia, the healthcare sector is at the highest level

This message was circulated on telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric. The reports say that in the temporarily Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine, life is not just going on, and healthcare is flourishing, but high-tech operations are being carried out with the most modern equipment. The publications add that allegedly the administration of the temporarily occupied region, Kherson in particular, is working to improve the healthcare sector.

In fact, as VoxCheck project analysts explain, Russians have a shortage of doctors in the temporarily occupied territories, because local Ukrainians refuse to cooperate with the occupiers. To replenish the medical staff, the Russians import doctors from their country and encourage them with additional payments from 4.5 to 18 thousand rubles.

In addition, there have been cases when Russian doctors treat only their own personnel. For example, in the Henichesk district of the Kherson region, the Russian military is modifying kindergartens as field hospitals, because the hospitals are overcrowded.

At the same time, only wounded Russian soldiers are treated, and local residents are forbidden to come to hospitals. Russia is silent about the robbery of medical equipment by the Russian military in Skadovsk, Nova Kakhovka and other occupied cities.

By spreading such a message, propagandists are trying to convince people that life is good in the temporarily occupied territories under the leadership of Russia. Russia creates the appearance that after the so-called liberation - which is occupation - ordinary people began to live better than under the criminal Ukrainian government. However, in reality, as practice shows, the cities and villages that the Ukrainian army liberates from Russian infidels are in a terrible state. Such a situation could be observed in the liberated Kyiv region, Kharkiv region, Chernihiv region, as well as in the liberated Kherson. In particular, in Kherson, after the withdrawal of Russian troops, the critical infrastructure did not work, there was no water, food, medicines. That is, there was no talk of any development of medicine under the conditions of Russian occupation, on the contrary, by constant shelling and robbery, the Russians provoked devastation in the city.

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