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Fake In Spain, it was forbidden to use Ukrainian flags in the refugee center

This was reported by the Russian media and the official account of the Russian Embassy in Spain. Allegedly, in one of the centers for refugees, Ukrainians were forbidden to hang their national flag. This is evidenced by the photos, which allegedly show graffiti with the inscription "no Ukrainian flags" on the wall of the building next to the center. Pro-Russian telegram channels spread these messages in the Ukrainian infospace. This is a fake.

Graffiti photos are another photo montage. This was pointed out by Twitter users in the comments under the publication of the account of the Russian Embassy in Spain. Twitter users geolocated the location on the photos. The building in the photo is actually in Benalmadena, it belongs to the EpicGym gym. The owners of the hall confirmed on August 5 that such an inscription was never on the wall and provided a video of the facade of the building - it does not contain any graffiti. An analysis of photos circulating online indicates that the "graffiti" was painted over the gym's logo - the edge of the "graffiti" features the letter "E", which corresponds to the first letter of the gym's name, "EpicGym". On social networks, "EpicGym" published a message in which they called the fakes "disgusting and unacceptable" and emphasized that the information on the Twitter account of the Russian Embassy in Spain is not true. The owners also reported that the people involved in their business do not support Russia in the war going on in Ukraine.

StopFake fact-checkers verified the published photos using the Forensics image verification tool. The check showed a different level of compression at the location of the graffiti - this may indicate that the image has been edited.

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