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Manipulation Ukrainians stopped "falling back" on the army

Such messages are distributed in anonymous Telegram channels. They said that the only source of funds for charitable funds remained "earners", but they also transfer meager amounts. It does not.

In the messages, propagandists deliberately manipulate information that cannot be verified and unequivocally refuted without detailed financial reports of charitable foundations, which are not freely available. Since 2014, Ukrainian volunteers have been reporting that funds are not being received in their accounts, and the amount of aid varies every month. It depends on many circumstances. However, Ukrainians constantly help the army through official and personal initiatives.

Banks introduced the possibility of automatic transfer of cashback to the accounts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, transfer through rounding of the balance on a bank card, and other projects. Before a birthday, users of social networks post details of volunteer accounts and ask friends to make a transfer of any available amount instead of a personal gift. Even children are involved in fundraising for the Armed Forces, using their talents or skills. Many Ukrainians did go abroad after the start of the full-scale invasion, but they also volunteer for the Armed Forces. In general, both large volunteer foundations ("Serhiy Prytula Foundation", "Return alive", "Army SOS" and others) and individual volunteers constantly report on meeting the needs of the military. This shows that Ukrainians do not stop helping their defenders.

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