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Message In case of resumption of negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, the occupied territories should remain in Russia

Russian propaganda media, citing a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, reported that “the entry of new regions into Russia should be taken into account in the event of a possible resumption of negotiations with Ukraine”. Also, the media of the enemy are actively spreading the thesis that the negotiation process should be “direct”. That is, without the mediation of the West.

This is not the first time that Russia has been trying to persuade Ukraine to negotiate using various methods. In particular, often manipulating that the war continues only because Ukraine does not want to negotiate. However, every time when it comes to potential negotiations, Russia sees them only on its own terms. This time, Russia sees them as possible only if Ukraine recognizes that the territories occupied by Russia are ceded to Russia.

In fact, Ukraine withdrew from the negotiation process last spring. The main condition for their restoration is the return of territories in accordance with the 1991 borders, but Russia does not abandon attempts to put forward ultimatums and threats, although they are not successful.

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