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Message Europe has set a limit on the price of Russian oil for its own enrichment

Russian propagandists spread such messages to the Western audience. Allegedly, if Russia is forced to sell oil cheaply, this will put pressure on other suppliers from the markets to sell oil to Europe also cheaper. Like, Western countries will continue to thrive on cheap oil, even if it is not from Russia. However, this is not true.

According to the analysts of the EU vs Disinfo project, this thesis contradicts another narrative that was previously spread by propagandists that supposedly limiting oil prices would destroy Europe.

The purpose of the restriction is not to benefit Europe. The price limit for Russian oil was set as an additional sanction for Russia's illegal aggression against Ukraine. Price restrictions were initiated by the G7 countries and supported by the European Union.

The Council of the EU said in a statement: “Limiting the price of Russian oil will limit the price spikes caused by emergency market conditions and will sharply reduce the revenues that Russia received from the sale of oil after it resolved its illegal war of aggression against Ukraine. This will also contribute to the stabilization of world energy prices and mitigation of negative consequences for the energy supply of third countries”.

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