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Fake A Ukrainian soldier killed his wife and children because of a toy in the colors of the Russian flag

This news was spread online by propagandists in their telegram channels. In Ternopil, a soldier of Ukrainian Armed Forces killed his wife and two children after seeing a children's trampoline painted in the colors of the Russian flag, reports say. As evidence, the propagandists attach screenshots, add a screenshot of the likely TSN material dated December 7, 2022. However, this is not true.

According to VoxCheck experts, this is fictitious news, and the screenshot itself was edited in a graphics editor.

On the screenshot of the news, you can also see the time of publication (10:14) and the author (Oksana Zinchenko). There is no news with such content on the TSN website. However, we managed to find the material “Invaders hit the Zaporizhzhia region: a lot of destruction, among the wounded there is a child (photo)” by Oksana Zinchenko, and it is with the same publication time. In addition, the tags for the publication (indicated before the title) coincide: “weapons and the army”, “current requests''. The screenshot of the real post was probably edited to create fake news.

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