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Manipulation A resident of Kharkiv was arrested by SSU for simply “posting on social networks”

This thesis was spread by pro-Kremlin media. The reports say that Ukraine allegedly interferes with freedom of speech by monitoring all Ukrainians on social networks who show an anti-Ukrainian position - and if they find such, they quickly “get rid of” the person. Consequently, the authors give an example where a resident of Kharkiv was charged “for nothing”, or rather, in their words, for a simple “post on social networks”. The authors of the manipulative message add that this is “an attempt to shut the mouth of those who tell the truth”.

The analysts of the StopFake project analyzed the case and determined that the 58-year-old Kharkiv resident was charged with justifying Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine and discrediting the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This was announced by the representative of the regional department of the Security Service of Ukraine Vladyslav Abdula. Actually, in his publications, which the Kremlin’s minions consider peace-loving, the man distributed propaganda materials and glorified the actions of the occupying army. And among other things, the attacker accused the Ukrainian Armed Forces of shelling residential areas of Kharkiv.

The fact-checkers explain that in March 2022, the Criminal Code of Ukraine was supplemented with Article 436-2, which provides for liability for justifying, recognizing the legitimate armed aggression of Russia against Ukraine, and glorifying its participants. That is, the actions of the SSU against the man are completely legal and not an “attack on freedom of speech”. Manipulators are trying to shift responsibility for crimes onto Ukraine, so it is obvious that they call the “shelling of the Ukrainian Armed Forces of Kharkiv” truthful, but also the Russian occupiers - valiant.

Read how Russia blurs reality with the word “extremism”. In short, the Kremlin sees any actions that contradict Moscow’s “policy” as extremism. For example, the Russian branch of the BBC gave an example in its material when a Russian posted a publication similar to Odnoklassniki wishing death and shame on Russians who are going to fight in the Donbas. And a criminal case was opened against him on charges of “ethnic hatred”.

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