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Fake Russian military shot down Ukrainian Tu-143 Flight UAVs

In May, Russian media reported that their troops were shooting down Ukrainian Tu-143 flight UAVs, an old vehicle manufactured in the Soviet Union. According to the “Bez brekhni” project, on May 16 and 26, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that they had shot down two (four in all) Ukrainian Tu-143 Reys UAVs. Also, even before that, in the Rostov region, it was announced that they also shot down "Reys," allegedly Ukrainian. However, this is a fake. According to the fact-checkers “Bez brekhni,” the last appearance of this technique in the war was recorded in 2014, when we first encountered the Russian invasion and did not yet have modern weapons. "Since then, it has become clear that it is impossible to work with them today, and they are used only as training targets for air defense forces. There is no mention on our part of the use of "Reys" at the front, neither in the news nor on social networks - despite the BP-3 tank. Also, we are already recording the downing of the Russian "Reys" by the Ukrainian military or its modification, " the fact-checkers write.

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