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Fake The deputy head of the Kyiv police has a Nazi tattoo

Information about this is spreading on social networks. The messages say that a man named Artem Bonov, who has a tattoo with Nazi symbols, is allegedly the deputy chief of the Kyiv police. A photo of a man with a swastika in the uniform of the police is attached to the fake posts. VoxCheck's photos show a real user, Artem Bonov, who maintains his Vkontakte page and YouTube channel. Bonov wrote that in the summer of 2014, he was a member of the Azov Volunteer Battalion and was then imprisoned on suspicion of killing a neighbor. Later, he was transferred to a psychiatric hospital in Lviv. However, this information is confirmed only by Bonov's own letters. However, Bonov does not hold the position of Deputy Chief of Police. His name is not among the Kyiv or Kyiv region police leadership. "In fake posts, photos of Artem Bonov in police uniform are added. This photo can be found on Bonov's Vkontakte page. The chevron on Bonov's hand belongs to those worn by Ukrainian police units that were subordinated to the Ministry of Internal Affairs until 2015. However, in 2015 the National Police of Ukraine was established. Since then, chevrons on police uniforms have also changed, ”the fact-checkers write.

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