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Fake The International Committee of the Red Cross collected data on "healthy organs of children"

Russian propaganda channels have disseminated a video taken at the International Committee of the Red Cross office in Mariupol, which allegedly shows brochures "on teaching children to use weapons," as well as "incubators" and "medical records of children," which reportedly indicate healthy children's organs and data of their parents. The authors of this video claim that these cards prove that the ICRC is involved in "trafficking in children's organs." Based on these fabrications, the Russian Investigative Committee began to "check" the work of the ICRC and the Russian media - to spread this fake.

The ICRC has officially refuted this delusion: the organization's office had brochures on how to behave in areas with many explosive devices, including mines - and these materials are freely available on the Internet. Some of them are needed for people who are actually involved in clearing and demining areas. Concerning "children's medical records," the Committee does not collect such data. Incubators, the ICRC points out in its statement, are needed by people who plan to raise poultry - in fact, within the framework of agro-economic programs agreed with the state.

We remind you that for the last eight years, Russian propaganda has constantly been promoting the narrative that Ukraine is a "supplier of spare parts for Americans and Europeans" and has become a center of illegal transplantation and organ trafficking. It is an outright lie that has no facts.

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