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Fake Ukraine will refuse social benefits to residents of the Kherson region

Russian Telegram channels and the media controlled by the occupiers write that the Ukrainian government plans to refuse social benefits to residents of the occupied region. It is a lie that StopFake has refuted.

All social benefits continue to be paid in the oblast, but in some cases, the payments have been blocked due to technical conditions. Local authorities have repeatedly reported these delays.

Deputy Chairman of the Kherson Regional Council Yury Sobolevsky previously said that social benefits in the region would not be canceled. Besides, the deputy of the Kherson regional council, Serhiy Khlan, noted on May 19 that all social payments across the Kherson region, which were blocked till today, managed to be unblocked. And by May 22, all-region residents must receive social benefits.

It will be recalled that the Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine, Maryna Lazebna, stated that all pensions and social benefits to those Ukrainians who find themselves in temporary occupation zones are accrued properly.

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