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Fake Ukrainians took part in protests in France for money

Propagandists on anonymous telegram channels that spread pro-Russian rhetoric claim that the French media website RFI has information that Ukrainian citizens took part in protests in Paris, Marseille, Lyon and other French cities. Like, they say that they have nothing against the French authorities, but allegedly protested for money. However, the authors of the message hint that the protesters may be “lying”. According to them, the French authorities do not intend to give this “political shade”, but this could allegedly lead to a more negative attitude towards Ukrainian refugees in Europe. However, this is manipulation.

The authors of the message do not provide a link to the article, but only to the main page of the French media. There are no similar articles about this on the site or on other platforms.

By publishing such fakes, propagandists once again want to show Ukrainians as ungrateful provocateurs who want to destabilize the situation within Europe. Detector Media has already written about other manipulations against Ukrainian refugees, in particular about a Ukrainian who allegedly destroyed a monument to Polish soldiers who fought against Nazism.

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