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Fake Ukrainians ask Putin to “regain their common sense”

Such a fake was spread on social networks, including the Georgian segment of Facebook. The report says that a rally was held in Poland, where Ukrainians asked Putin for help. The authors of the message add to the publication a photo where people are holding a poster with the inscription: “Putin, give us back common sense”. It is not true.

Analysts of the Myth Detector project investigated this case and found that the photo was taken using a graphic editor, the inscription was superimposed on the original photo. The real photo was taken in Warsaw during the Euromaidan protests in Ukraine in 2014. The rally was organized by the public movement “Euromaidan” in Warsaw. The participants went to the Embassy of Ukraine in Warsaw and honored the memory of those who died during the events of the Revolution of Dignity. Deputies of the Polish Seimas, in particular, joined the action.

The real photos show posters with the following slogans: “Support of the Poles’ hearts is the result of the Ukrainians’s gratitude” and “Let us unite in the fight against the aggression of a common enemy - Putin”.

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