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Message Ukrainians are starving and must queue for free meals

In anonymous telegram channels, where pro-Russian rhetoric is circulating, messages have appeared where you can find a photo taken in Kharkiv. It depicts a queue for free lunches. Propagandists claim that Kharkiv is mired in hunger, and there is not enough food for everyone.

Although the situation is not as good as in times of peace, such reports deliberately dramatize it. Moreover, even if there are people suffering from the problem of hunger, it was Russia's aggression that caused it.

Propagandists are constantly trying to exaggerate the scale of the problems in Ukraine in order to show the inability of the Ukrainian authorities to cope with the crisis. Thus, the propagandists want to shift the responsibility from the aggressor to the victim of the aggression and persuade it to make concessions. Like, the Ukrainians understand that the “Kyiv regime” can’t do anything, so they need to stop their suffering and end the war on Russian terms. However, problems with food supplies, rising inflation, lower crops - all these are the consequences of the Russian war against Ukraine, and it is Russia that should be held responsible for this.

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