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Fake Ukrainians are selling American Switchblade-300 drones on the darknet

The Russian media is mass spreading the news that an alleged Ukrainian from Kyiv is selling two American Switchblade-300 drones on the darknet. But this is another fake.

Researchers at StopFake analyzed images of drones purportedly for sale and found that they were downed or damaged in 2015 and 2016 in Syria. Their images are taken from a discussion on resources that wrote about the war in Syria.

Such fake ads for the sale of arms are part of the disinformation promoted by Russian propaganda to convince Western allies to stop supplying arms to Ukraine. Its main thesis is as follows: weapons supplied by the West do not go to the front, but are sold and smuggled back to Europe or transported to the countries of the Middle East to militants of terrorist groups. Some of this disinformation even reaches the respectable Western mass media - recently the CBS channel showed the film "Arming Ukraine", where it was claimed that the vast majority of weapons provided by the West do not reach the front. After the publicity, the channel stopped showing the film and apologized, and plans to update the material.

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