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Fake Ukrainian underage boys are not allowed to go abroad because they will soon be mobilized

Such a fake was spread on social networks, in particular in telegram channels broadcasting pro-Russian rhetoric. Reports say that Ukrainian children are not allowed out of Ukraine, in particular, underage boys. The authors of the messages add that this is how the Ukrainian authorities prepare children for mobilization, because the war will be long-term - until the last Ukrainian. As evidence, the authors refer to another telegram channel of the Ukrainian segment, in which Ukrainians allegedly complain that their young children are not allowed through the checkpoint, and customs officials deny any explanation. It is not true.

Analysts of the VoxCheck project drew attention to this case and determined that in fact children are released from Ukraine abroad, they are not subject to mobilization. At the same time, the telegram channel quoted by the propagandists does not exist at all. Fact-checkers are convinced that the screenshot was taken using a graphics editor.

The fake screenshot shows the so-called channel messages, for example: “My daughter and I were let through, our son is gone”. Analysts say that “... our son is gone” is an automatic translation from the Russian phrase “There is no son” (that is, they did not let the son go). In Ukrainian, this phrase should have sounded “My daughter and I were let through, but our son was not”.

By spreading this fake, the propagandists are once again promoting the message of total mobilization in Ukraine. Like, there is no one to fight, so even minors are mobilized. At the same time, they are promoting the previously widespread thesis about “war against the last Ukrainian”, which confirms the alleged indifference of the Ukrainian authorities and the so-called Western curators to the Ukrainian people.

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