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Fake Ukrainian battalions kill Ukrainian children and then export organs under the grain export code

Anonymous telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric circulate an excerpt of a video in which former OSCE observer Vira Vaiman says in Russian that there were allegedly secret laboratories in Ukraine where they allegedly harvested organs from children. According to her, Ukrainian national battalions were engaged in the seizure and trade in organs, they “sent [organs] abroad, processing the parcels as grain exports”. It's fake.

The fact checkers of the 15min project drew attention to the case. Russian propagandists are spreading a fake documentary. Vira Vaiman, who in the video talks about the alleged crimes of the Ukrainian battalions, in fact, was previously known as Vira Nikulina and lived in Vladyvostok. Fact-checkers found no mention of Vira Vaiman or her photographs on the OSCE website.

Previously, two OSCE missions operated in Ukraine, but neither Vira Nikulina nor Vira Vaiman are mentioned in the documents of these missions. And in the OSCE archives and on the organization's website there are no records of the alleged laboratory or trafficking in children's organs in Ukraine.

The fake about the sale of children's organs abroad is part of a disinformation campaign about “black transplantation” that allegedly operates in Ukraine. As for the transplant procedure itself, Detector Media has repeatedly refuted the fakes. This is a complex procedure that requires several specialists, specific equipment, and is limited in time.

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