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Fake Ukraine uses "barrage units" that shoot soldiers who surrender and retreat in the back

Russian propagandists spread myths that alleged Ukrainian nationalists shoot in the back those Ukrainian soldiers who try to surrender. As an example, they cite a story that allegedly happened near the city of Novomykhaylivka, which is under the control of the so-called DPR. More than 30 Ukrainian fighters had decided to lay down their arms. The Ukrainian nationalist blocking unit opened fire on them from behind when they began approaching the Russian positions with white flags. According to propagandists, 32 Ukrainian soldiers were killed. However, this is not true.

According to fact-checkers US vs DISINFO, there is no evidence that this or any similar stories are true. According to fact-checkers, disseminating such reports is an attempt at psychological pressure, exposing the Ukrainian authorities as ruthless to their own troops. It is done to undermine the morale of Ukrainians and is part of a broader pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign about Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

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