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Manipulation Ukraine is ready to stop destabilization in Moldova “by military means”

Russian media spread information that Ukraine is allegedly ready to help Moldova stop destabilization in the country by military means. Like, in Ukraine “they do not exclude the invasion of Ukrainian troops in Transnistria”. Oleksii Danilov, a secretary of the National security and defense council of Ukraine, said this in his recent interview. This is manipulation.

Oleksii Danilov did not say that Ukraine is ready to provide military support to Moldova. It was not even about the fact that Ukraine is preparing an invasion of the temporarily occupied Transnistria. As the StopFake fact-checkers explain, they are talking about an interview given by the secretary of the National security and defense council on March 3, 2023. Oleksii Danilov answered the question whether Ukraine is ready, including by military means, to help Moldova if a corresponding request is received from President Maia Sandu. He said that such an appeal could be considered taking into account all ongoing processes and circumstances. The propagandists took these words out of context and gave them a different meaning.

Thus, Russian propaganda is trying to destabilize the situation in Moldova and discredit the cooperation between Ukraine and Moldova. Recently, the Russians circulated a document that supposedly confirms that Ukraine is preparing to attack Transnistria and claimed that Ukraine is dragging Moldova into the war.

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