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Message The US seeks to provide Ukraine with the Iron Dome system to protect its weapons

This thesis was circulated in social networks, in particular on telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric. Reports say that the United States is ready to provide Ukraine with the Israeli Iron Dome system, just to protect its weapons. In particular, the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system. The authors refer to the material of the international television news channel PressTV.

The fact checkers of the VoxCheck project investigated this case and found out that, first of all, such information was not indicated in the material. The United States itself considered the Iron Dome program to strengthen Ukraine's air defenses. This was explained by the fact that the Patriot can shoot down ballistic and cruise missiles, aircraft, but is less effective in intercepting low-flying small drones. And the Iron Dome can handle such drones. And the material just said that US officials were considering providing Ukraine with a dome system, taking into account a number of features of its use.

The authors use the rhetoric of “protecting their own weapons” to hint at the low combat capability of the Ukrainian army. Allegedly, the United States wants to protect their weapons, and not Ukraine and Ukrainians. Thus, the authors expose the Ukrainian military as incompetent.

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