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Fake The Russians “destroyed” depleted uranium ammunition depots in Ukraine

This information was disseminated by propaganda media. Reports say Russian troops launched missile attacks on Kyiv, specifically targeting depleted uranium ammunition depots. Thus, the authors of the publication wrote that Kyiv was “threatened” by the fate of Chornobyl, because after the explosion, all the uranium dust allegedly dispersed throughout Kyiv. Therefore, they even urge Kyiv residents to evacuate as quickly as possible in order to save themselves from radiation. However, this is a lie.

The fact-checkers of the StopFake project analyzed this case and determined that Russia could not destroy such ammunition, since Ukraine had not even received it yet. In addition, over the past few days there has been no information about warehouse explosions in Kyiv or the region. Only on the 6th, following a visit by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, he announced the provision of a new aid package to Ukraine, including weapons, including depleted uranium shells for American Abrams tanks. The official did not note any dates for the likely delivery of weapons to Ukraine. And the Ukrainian media did not publish news about the receipt of such weapons. This is just a stuffing of Russian “news” resources that came up with the material.

Moreover, Russian propaganda is trying to portray depleted uranium weapons as capable of destroying people and generally emitting radiation. Yes, depleted uranium is indeed a radioactive substance, but it is not so dangerous that its use is prohibited. To put it simply, the projectile “does not emit radiation”. That is, the influence of radioactive radiation from depleted uranium is insignificant. For example, BBC military expert Pavlo Aksionov explained that shells with depleted uranium cores are not prohibited by any conventions. The point is that such projectiles consist of a thin core (spire), made of heavy and durable alloys using tungsten or depleted uranium. And in fact, depleted uranium is located only on the core, if there is such a thing at all. And not the entire projectile carries radiation, as propagandists are trying to convince us of.

The Russians are constantly manipulating the nuclear issue. Last autumn, propagandists and Russian officials were convincing people that Ukraine was creating a “dirty bomb” and was preparing to use this weapon with supposedly nuclear waste - depleted uranium. Ukraine is already being called a “huge threat” to a nuclear disaster, allegedly precisely because of the supply of such weapons.

Here's how Russian propaganda raised the nuclear issue in its propaganda dumps - read the latest:

They wrote that Ukraine was allegedly preparing a nuclear strike against Russia; or explained how Ukrainian troops allegedly carried out fake attacks on nuclear facilities to blame the Kremlin although it is known that Moscow resorts to nuclear marching, constant terror and ultimatums. Read and remember how in the summer of 2023, a terrorist country intimidated Ukrainians with an explosion at the Zaporizhzhia NPP.

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