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Fake The Pentagon justified Kyiv for the attack on the prison in Olenivka

Russian media write about it. They said that representatives of the Pentagon believe that the Armed Forces of Ukraine could have "unintentionally" struck the building of the pre-trial detention center in Olenivka. This was allegedly reported by a high-ranking official from the Pentagon. It is not true. Fact-checkers of the "On the other side of the news" project checked the quote. In response to journalists' questions, the American representative says that the last thing he would think about in the context of this event is the Ukrainian attack on Olenivka. He also suggests that such messages are an attempt by the Russians to "derail them from the information path", which is one more fake.

The Russians also claim that the colony in Olenivka, where Ukrainian prisoners of war were held, was fired upon by the Armed Forces of Ukraine with American HIMARS missiles. As evidence, they showed the fragments of rockets. However, the rocket fragments' origin is unknown. There is no evidence that these fragments were discovered in Olenivka. Military experts reported that the video from the colony shows damage from the fire. Such damage is not inherent in the principle of HIMARS’ operation. The Russians do not allow Ukrainian representatives to the scene of the tragedy, nor did the Red Cross and the UN representatives, who acted as guarantors of the withdrawal of the Ukrainian military from Azovstal and their safe detention. 

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