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Manipulation The Kherson region will now have free medicine

This is reported in the Russian media. Allegedly, now in the Kherson region there will be no problems with the supply of vaccines and residents of the region will be able to seek medical help at any time of the day. It seems that this became possible due to the fact that Kherson doctors are switching to the Russian medical system. Like, in 30 years of independence, Ukraine has only destroyed the powerful Soviet medical system, so the Russians have to restore everything. It is not true.

Free medicine in the Kherson region, as well as throughout Ukraine, was before the occupation of this territory by the Russians. According to the Constitution of Ukraine: “In state and municipal health care institutions, medical care is provided free of charge.” The Ukrainian healthcare system has indeed undergone a reform. In particular, the number of hospitals was reduced, and the number of polyclinics increased. Both before and after the medical reform, anyone could, if necessary, seek medical help at any time of the day, because the ambulance system always worked. As the fact-checkers of The Insider project write, there were no problems with vaccines reported by the occupiers in the Kherson region.

We remind you that according to the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine, the occupying authorities forced emergency medical workers to cooperate. Doctors were forced to obtain Russian passports, sign applications for work in Russian medical institutions, and receive salaries in rubles. Also, in all temporarily occupied territories there are problems with the provision of necessary medicines.

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