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Русскій фейк, іді на***!

Message Russians are very painful about the war in Ukraine and are held hostage to the situation.

In the Ukrainian segment of social networks, particularly in tektok, as well as in the media, excerpts of an interview Russian actor Smolyaninov gave in the program "Tell Gordeeva" circulate. He claims that, in fact, many Russians are worried about the war in Ukraine, but are afraid to go to rallies against the war and feel like hostages. When you're a hostage, you have two options: either run away if you can, or stay and love everything the way it is. And sing songs of praise. And the more you hate, the louder the songs," said Smolyaninov in an interview. Also in the interview, the actor remembered his relatives in Ukraine and how he spent his childhood here - with his grandparents. In addition, he added that despite what is happening in Ukraine, despite the killing of civilians and the terrible destruction of cities, he feels no guilt, because he did not make the decision to introduce troops into Ukraine. He believes that specific people are responsible for this. Those who signed the orders. The actor also to some extent excuses President Putin, saying that his whole life can be called a "special operation" and claiming that the decision to attack Ukraine was for Putin the result of the so-called search for enemies.

Note that recently there have been more and more posts on social media from famous Russians saying that they love Ukraine, have relatives, do not support the war and did not give orders to attack. In this way, society again wants to form an image of so-called good Russians who are not to blame for the war, do not support aggression, and supposedly cannot do anything about the fact that the Russian leadership decided to unleash the war. However, this is a crude manipulation created to distract the attention of Ukrainians from the atrocities of the Russians and to show again that Russians and Ukrainians are brotherly peoples who are ready to sympathize with each other. In reality, many Russians support Russian aggression against Ukraine. Such a conclusion can be drawn from sociological and journalistic surveys of Russians. It is also obvious that Russians are not trying to stop the war in Ukraine, because the rallies that took place in the first weeks of the war were numerous, and now they have stopped altogether. Not just Putin is to blame for the war in Ukraine, but every Russian and Russian woman. Read more of this story from the Detector Media.

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