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Fake One of the Indian publications allegedly predicts that 2024 will be a tragic year for Ukraine

Pro-Kremlin propagandists are spreading information that the Indian satirical publication Rodip Reb published an issue on December 16 with a broken Christmas tree decoration in the colors of the Ukrainian flag on the cover. In addition, the cover contains the text: “Dragged into darkness: Ukraine’s tragic prospects in 2024”. However, this is fake.

The fact-checkers from the Georgian project Myth Detector found out that in fact such an Indian satirical publication as Rodip Reb does not exist and has never existed, and the photo with the supposed cover from the magazine is fake. Investigators also note that the photo with a broken decoration in the colors of the flag of Ukraine is distributed only by Russian-speaking users on social networks, and the likely primary source of distribution is Olesia Losieva, a Russian propagandist who has previously distributed fake photographs to discredit Ukraine.

Russian propaganda regularly creates fake covers of the world's leading magazines or invents them in order to tarnish the reputation of Ukraine in the international arena. We have repeatedly refuted fakes on this topic.

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