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Disclosure On little-known websites, occupiers spread appeal to Ukrainians

The network got an appeal to the Ukrainians from the Russians, posted on little-known Ukrainian sites. It says that Ukrainians and Russians are one people that ruthlessly was divided by the West. The authors of the appeal also talk about brotherhood, the desire to reunite again, a common cultural heritage, and so on.

This case was noticed by the fact-checkers of the NotaYenota project, who found that the occupiers were hacking into Ukrainian websites and posting classic narratives about friendship and reconciliation between Ukraine and Russia. They emphasize that the appeals themselves are placed on little-known sites, probably with a lesser degree of security. Moreover, the texts of appeals appear on the pages of previously published materials. Consequently, users and creators of the resource have access to the entire site and will not even guess that on one of the pages you can find an appeal broadcasting typical pro-Kremlin narratives.

NotaYenota urges owners to check their sites for pro-Kremlin narratives, because the site itself may function without signs of hacking, but one of the web pages may hide the appeal of infidels.

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