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Disclosure On behalf of Privat bank and Raiffeisen bank, fraudsters offer cash payments

In social networks, in particular, in the Ukrainian segment of Facebook, information was disseminated about payments from Privat bank and Raiffeisen bank. Allegedly, users of a particular bank can receive a cash reward in the amount of 7300 hryvnia. To receive a reward, the authors of the messages offer to follow the link.

Fact-checkers of NotaYenota say that in this way the authors mislead Ukrainians as most of the messages are replicated by the social network using an advertising tool. That is, unknown people set up ads on a social network with a message about “cash assistance”. Thus, the likely number of users who may encounter a fraudulent post increases. Fact-checkers also explained that in Ukraine there is a single register of social payments - eDopomoha (eHelp). There one can find up-to-date information about payments. All other sites offering assistance with a similar domain (for example, “edopomoga gov.ua”) are fraudulent.

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