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Disclosure A clone of the French newspaper Le Parisien was created to spread anti-Ukrainian narratives

A clone page of the French newspaper Le Parisien has been spotted online, where the authors broadcast pro-Kremlin rhetoric and spread disinformation. For example, on a fake website, the newspapers published an article titled “Mass Escape for the sake of salvation from military slavery. Ukrainians are trying to avoid inevitable death on the front lines”.

Of course, such material has nothing to do with the official newspaper Le Parisien. However, in the fake material itself, misinformation was spread about evasion of mobilization and desertion, which seem to have been “long since common in Ukraine”. In addition, the authors of the material argued that the Ukrainian army is incompetent and loses to the Russian, more combat-ready army.

French journalist Fabrice Despres drew attention to the fake Le Parisien page and explained that the design of the fake site is really very similar to the original one, only the domain name is different. For example, the address of a fake website is leparisien.ltd, and a real newspaper is leparisien.fr. The navigation set up on the fake site (link to other materials\subscription) directs the reader to the real Le Parisien site. Moreover, the false page does not ask one to agree with the collection of cookies.

They are currently investigating who is behind the spread of disinformation and anti-Ukraine narratives.

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