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Fake Israel calls on Ukrainians to join the IDF

Pro-Kremlin media are distributing a video of an alleged advertising video on YouTube, in which a military man in an Israeli army uniform is supposedly campaigning in Ukrainian to join the IDF - the Israeli Defense Forces - and fight against Hamas. It's a lie.

The Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council analyzed this case and found that such advertising from the official representative of the Israeli Ministry of Defense does not exist. It was compiled: after all, using a reverse search on Google, experts found that to create a fake advertising video, the authors used a TikTok video from the official account of the Israeli Defense Forces on this social network. And later a voice in Ukrainian was superimposed on the video.

Let us recall that the Institute for the Study of War’s statement on October 7 said that the Kremlin is actively using the Hamas attack on Israel for information operations aimed at weakening US and Western support for Ukraine. And the thesis about “mobilizing people to Israel” is used by fake bots to, first of all, convince that the Ukrainian leadership sees only military force in men and women - and officials, say, will use this for their own purposes. Even for mobilization to other countries.

Previously, we have already documented a propaganda campaign, supposedly Ukrainians were given draft notices to mobilize into Israeli volunteer battalions.

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