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Message In US, they create climate weapon against Russia

This thesis was spread in social networks, in particular on telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric. Reports say that the awakening of the volcano in Kamchatka in Russia is the work of the United States, creating a climate weapon against Russia, so the volcano is “just the beginning” of US dashing actions. The authors add that the White House and the US Congress have adopted a five-year “climate intervention” plan, which involves the creation of climate control technologies. One of the goals is to fight the “new dominance of Russia”.

The fact-checkers of the EU vs Disinfo project investigated the case and found that the existence of a “climate weapon” that they want to use against Russia is another Moscow conspiracy theory. The document referred to by propagandists as a “climate intervention plan” is actually a “White House request for contributions to a five-year plan for climate intervention research”, and there is no indication in the document that the US is “managing the climate” to fight Russia.

A climate weapon is a hypothetical physical weapon capable of controlling the climatic conditions of the world. In particular, in the context of this message, climate weapons are capable of awakening volcanoes and accumulating magma in order to kill people later.

On the night of April 11, a powerful eruption of the Shyveluch volcano occurred on the Kamchatka peninsula. After the volcanic eruption - the northern active volcano of Kamchatka - the strongest ash in the last 60 years was recorded on the peninsula. Then a cloud of ash rose into the sky to a height of 15 to 20 kilometers.

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