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Message In Ukraine there is a "war to the last Ukrainian", even the unborn

Such a message is spread by pro-Russian telegram channels. Like, both the President and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are ready to send absolutely everyone to the front, even unborn children. In the messages, the propagandists manipulate the words of the President about the readiness of Ukrainians to defend their country and a video in which a pregnant Ukrainian woman talks about receiving a draft notice. Allegedly, the President's message has just such an embodiment.

The mobilization of women in Ukraine is voluntary. Military registration is required only for workers in the medical field. Pregnant women and women on maternity leave (to care for a child before the child reaches the age of three or in some cases the age of six) are exempted from mobilization in accordance with the law. Obviously, the woman received the draft notice by mistake.

The propagandists used the emotional video to promote several disinformation narratives at once: the mobilization of women in Ukraine, the incompetence of the Ukrainian authorities, and the weakness of the Ukrainian army.

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