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Fake In Ukraine, military’s payroll is in bonds

War bonds are securities, so they cannot be used for payroll type calculations. As the fact-checkers of the “Without Lies” project explain, the nominal value of one bond is UAH 1000 / USD 1000 / EUR 1000. Bonds (certificates) with a face value of two million hryvnias do not exist.

On the fake bond it is indicated that this is a certificate for the amount of compensation in the institutions of Oshchadbank and Ukrainian state commercial insurance organization (Ukrderzhstrakh). This certificate has a different wording. Moreover, Ukrderzhstrakh was liquidated back in 1993. The fake certificate was allegedly signed by Finance Minister Serhii Marchenko. However, the actual signature belongs to one of his predecessors - Oleksandr Shlapak (February-December, 2014). It was during the work of Shlapak that war bonds began to be issued.

Thus, propagandists are trying to discredit the Ukrainian army and the leadership of the state. Earlier, propagandists claimed that Ukraine canceled the payment of 15 million hryvnias to the families of the dead servicemen.

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