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Fake In the Kyiv metro, more than eight stations are allegedly flooded and unusable

Russian propagandists are spreading information that more than eight metro stations are allegedly flooded in Kyiv. Moreover, they simultaneously express their indignation at the fact that the Ukrainian authorities decided to rename the metro station “Lev Tolstoi Square”. However, this is fake.

Specialists from the VoxCheck project drew attention to it. They note that in fact, none of the Kyiv metro stations are flooded. There is only a restriction on the movement of trains on the blue line after the tunnel between the Lybidska and Demiivska stations was flooded in December 2023. Fake information about station flooding is being spread after problems with the drainage and waterproofing systems of the metro have been identified. Train traffic on this section has been stopped, and restoration work may continue until the fall of 2024. Meanwhile, trains run from the Heroes of Dnipro station to Lybidska, and there is a shuttle train service between the Demiivska and Teremky stations.

On the eve of January 8, photos appeared showing leaks in the ceiling in the lobby of Akademhorodok. However, the metro management assured that specialists are monitoring the situation and there is no threat to passengers.

As for renaming stations, three metro stations have now been renamed. In particular, the station “Lev Tolstoi Square” was renamed into “Square of Ukrainian Heroes”. On February 8, 2024, the letters of the previous name were already removed. This decision was supported by the residents of Kyiv themselves in a survey of the Kyiv Digital application.

Propagandists spread such fake news to indicate that the city is supposedly being destroyed so that people will come to it and restore it. They say that the Ukrainian authorities are incompetent, and the Russians understand infrastructure better. However, it is in a number of Russian cities that there are significant problems with infrastructure.

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