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Fake Euronews allegedly wrote that the statement of the Ukrainian Embassy in France angered French farmers

Propagandists in Russian-language telegram channels published a video claiming that the statement of the Ukrainian Embassy in France outraged French farmers. The video, which bears the logo of the media company Euronews, shows a document that, according to the authors of such messages, indicates that the Ukrainian Embassy called on farmers to end their protest and unite as Ukrainians in favor of their Motherland. According to the video, the leader of the farmers' union responded to this by saying that Ukraine has no right to demand anything from France and should keep its opinion to itself. They say that because of this statement, farmers threw manure at the Embassy. However, this is fake.

Specialists from the MythDetector project drew attention to it. They found that although the Euronews logo was used in the video, the media had never published such content. Also, the information that farmers threw manure at the Embassy was not confirmed. Local media such as France 24 and Le Monde did not write about this. The initial footage of the video shows the farmers' protest, but they were not filmed in front of the Ukrainian Embassy, but in front of the regional council building in the city of Dijon. The authors of the video claim that the statement from the Ukrainian Embassy is dated February 7, and therefore farmers should have tested in the following days, but the video used has been circulating on social networks since December 2023. In addition, the statements that the propagandists are talking about are not on the official resources of the Embassy.

Open's fact-checkers also verified this video with the Euronews logo. The organization compared the signature on a fictitious document attributed to Ukrainian Ambassador Vadym Omelchenko with his real signature. It turned out that, among other inaccuracies, the signature shown in the video did not match the Ambassador's real signature. The video also falsified a commentary by Arnaud Rousseau, the leader of France's largest farmers' union. The images, which show Rousseau’s false statement on screen, were cut from an interview published on February 2.

Since the beginning of Russian aggression against Ukraine, videos with logos of various foreign media have appeared. They mainly concerned events in Ukraine and the West and had the goal of discrediting Ukraine and the EU countries. This is especially true in the context of farmer protests across Europe, which Russia is trying to fuel. Detector Media recently published a study on exactly how Russian propaganda does this and what role right-wing movements play in this.

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