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Fake In New York, an advertising banner was allegedly created “calling” Zelenskyi to seek treatment for drug addiction

Anonymous telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric distributed a video with an advertising banner that appeared to be located in New York. The likely video says, “If Snoop Dogg gave up drugs, you can do it too”. Subsequently, a photo of Volodymyr Zelenskyi appears on the screen. It is not true.

The VoxCheck analysts were able to analyze the case and found out that the video is not real. After all, while watching a video with an advertising banner, they noticed the logo of one of the rehabilitation centers for people with various types of addictions in the United States - namely Wish Recovery. That is, the fake news suggests that it was this establishment that distributed the video on its own behalf. The VoxCheck specialists checked whether the rehabilitation center used a video with Zelenskyi in its advertising communications. It turned out that the Ehab clinic did not publish a similar video on its pages on social networks and it was also not possible to find any mention of it either. Essentially, the “advertising” was compiled using special editors.

Other advertising banners placed alongside the fake video of a rehab clinic indicate that the area itself was filmed at least in the fall. For example, on the screen one can see an advertisement for the song Lollipop by Darell, which was released back in July 2023, and the video was published on October 8, 2023; Allegedly, the song has been advertised for two months. Or an advertisement for the cosmetics brand Charlotte Tilbury, a collection dedicated to the festive period, starting with Halloween 2023. That is, the advertising banners were filmed in advance, and then a video with Volodymyr Zelenskyi was inserted.

With the help of Russian propaganda, Zelenskyi was able to appear in various roles, in particular: a vain person who spends all budget funds only on himself; a punitive satanist destroying Ukrainian church property; a person with drug addiction; theft of Western money; a puppet controlled by the West; a monster who throws “everyone in a row” to the front, etc. This is how the Kremlin uses the tactic of imposing shameful epithets.

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