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Fake In Kramatorsk, Ukrainian army hit a house

Russian media and pro-Russian telegram channels spread information that a Ukrainian air defense missile had allegedly hit a residential building in Kramatorsk on February 1. They also wrote that Ukraine allegedly organized this attack on purpose. They say that it would be easier for “Zelenskyi and his company” to ask for fighter jets and other Western weapons. One of the representatives of the self-proclaimed authorities in the temporarily occupied territories said that this explosion was allegedly staged by the Ukrainian army in order to form a “successful” agenda at the summit on Ukraine's accession to the EU. It is not true.

According to Stop Fake fact-checkers, the CNN team recorded a Russian missile hitting a residential building in the center of Kramatorsk. As a result of the strike of a Russian Iskander-K missile on a residential building, four people were killed and eight more were injured.

The propagandists used the same tactics when a rocket hit a multi-storied building in Dnipro. Then the propagandists also claimed that the building had been destroyed by a missile of the Ukrainian air defense system. In reality, the Russian X-22 supersonic cruise missile was the cause of the tragedy.

This fake is part of a campaign to discredit the Ukrainian army on the Ukrainian air defense system. Thus, Russia transfers responsibility for the consequences of shelling from Russia to Ukraine. Also, the Russians are trying to intimidate the Ukrainians even more, level the trust in the Ukrainian army and force them to surrender.