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Fake In Kharkiv, a man allegedly killed a Territorial center of recruitment and social support employee

Pro-Russian resources are disseminating information that a resident of Kharkiv allegedly killed a Territorial center of recruitment and social support employee because he sent his son to the front without a medical examination and a conclusion of the Military and medical commission of Ukraine. The guy was allegedly detained and immediately mobilized, despite the fact that he suffered from asthma. This allegedly happened “in front of the mobilized father”, so he decided to get even with the Territorial center of recruitment and social support employee by throwing his body on the railway tracks to simulate suicide.

The “news” being circulated is distorted and inaccurate. This is stated by the Center for Countering Disinformation and Information Security. In fact, the conflict occurred between two civilians in the village of Dubivka, Kharkiv region, after drinking alcohol, the Kharkiv region police reported. A domestic dispute arose between the 70-year-old suspect and his 57-year-old friend, which did not end simply with words. One of the men grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed the other man several times in the neck. The victim died on the spot.

The Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor's Office established that the suspect took the body of the murdered man to the railway station and dumped the corpse on the track to make the version of the alleged “friend commit suicide” more credible. However, the railway workers discovered the body and reported it to law enforcement agencies. There is no official confirmation that the deceased was a serviceman, an employee of the Territorial center of recruitment and social support, or had any connection at all with the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

This fake by the Russians is another manifestation of discrediting the mobilization process in Ukraine. They say that Ukrainians are now killing the Territorial center of recruitment and social support workers because they exceed their authority - this is another confirmation of this. Previously, we have already refuted the information that the Ukrainian military commissar was allegedly killed while serving draft notices.

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