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Fake If men abroad want to get a new passport, they will be given temporary documents to return to Ukraine

A letter allegedly from Volodymyr Shvachko, director of the passport service of the State Enterprise “Document”, was distributed on social networks. The letter referred to the issuance of temporary travel documents to men born between 1960 and 2006 to return to Ukraine. However, this story turned out to be fake, debunked by VoxCheck.

The first suspicious allegation was that the State Enterprise “Document” had allegedly started issuing new “temporary travel documents”. However, no official data about such a service could be found. Indeed, there are documents for returning to Ukraine, but they are issued in other circumstances and by other institutions.

Secondly, the specified age range covers people from 17 to 63 years old, many of whom are not eligible for mobilization in Ukraine due to their age.

As for Volodymyr Shvachko himself, he was suspended from his duties during the investigation, which means he could not sign such documents at the time of their alleged issuance.

The fake document contained numerous linguistic and formal errors, which was additional confirmation of its falsity. The absence of official recognition or any communications from Ukrainian citizens abroad about the receipt of such documents only strengthened the denial.

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