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Fake Hunter Biden financed the creation of biological weapons in Ukraine, as evidenced by the documents of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Propagandists distribute photos depicting an archival document of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. According to it, on February 24, 2022, all materials related to the activities of Ukrainian laboratories collaborating with the American company Metabiota were allegedly specifically destroyed. Users spreading this information add that this is evidence that the son of US President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, personally oversaw this operation. It's fake.

Analysts of the Lithuanian project 15min drew attention to it. They found that the “document” contained many grammatical errors, indicating that it was probably written by a non-native speaker. In addition, Hunter Biden's involvement with Metabiota Inc. has not been proven. When searching for information about this, one can only find articles in the state Chinese and Russian media on this topic. Metabiota collects disease information and sends specialists to countries upon request. Collaboration with the company's scientists, as stated in the document, cannot mean working on biological weapons.

Thus, propagandists want to justify their aggression against Ukraine and again discredit the family of the US president. Together with conspiracy theorists, they repeatedly hacked into Hunter Biden's personal laptop and leaked data from it to the network, independently drawing conclusions based on these materials.

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