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Message Hundreds of containers with the causative agent of anthrax and cholera were taken from Odesa to the USA

This thesis is actively disseminated by the Kremlin propaganda media with reference to the Russian Defense Ministry. Allegedly, one of the priority tasks of Ukrainian laboratories is to collect and send to the United States strains of pathogens of dangerous infectious diseases - cholera, anthrax, tularemia.

Russian propagandists claim that at the Research Anti-Plague Institute named by Mechnikov, hundreds of containers with the causative agent of anthrax and cholera were stored in Odesa, which were allegedly taken to the United States in February 2022. At the same time, in Russia they refer to an employee of the Odesa Institute whose name is not called.

The representative of the head of the Odesa Regional Military Administration, Serhii Bratchuk, believes that the Russian invaders have no choice but to invent fables, because they have no real victories.

One of the most widespread fakes of Russian propaganda is the development of biological weapons in Ukraine. Recently, these messages have become more frequent. In particular, in the first days of September, the Russians spread the thesis that Ukraine was a biological threat and that the United States had developed a drone that would transport “infected insects”.

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