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Tactics and tools How Russian propaganda uses devalue tactics

Devalue is a propaganda tactic that Russia uses to spread messages both in the internal (Russian) and external information spaces. Propagandists deliberately downplay the importance, effectiveness, or success of certain events, decisions, processes, and so on. Like, if some actions are “meaningless”, there is no point in continuing to do so.

For example, Russian propaganda uses devaluation tactics when covering the topic of Western sanctions against Russia. In particular, the EU has already introduced the ninth package of sanctions. In contrast, Russia accuses the West of “the irrationality and illogicality of the sanctions that provoked chaos and destabilization of world economic ties”. Russian propaganda is constantly trying to convince the world that the sanctions are invalid. That's why they need to be canceled. In fact, if the sanctions were inactive, Russia would not have to make so much effort to avoid them.

Also, Russian propaganda systematically devalues the Ukrainian army. Like, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are losing their combat capability. As if the Ukrainian military is already exhausted and the majority of people cannot stand the test of military realities. Allegedly, the United States no longer believes in Ukraine's military victory over Russia and considers the chances of success of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the battlefield “low”, and therefore will soon stop helping Ukraine. Russian propaganda also spread the message that it makes no sense to donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and help volunteers, because volunteer donations allegedly will not save the country, whose economy is bursting at the seams, and foreign partners are in no hurry to support it. In fact, the Ukrainian army has been protecting Ukraine and Ukrainians for almost a year now and is holding back the “second army of the world”, which planned to “conquer Kyiv in three days”. And foreign states systematically provide regular packages of military assistance in order to increase the defense capability of Ukraine.

Another example: the European Parliament supported a resolution recognizing Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism on November 23, 2022. After that, Russian propaganda began to spread messages that the European Parliament is extremists without real power, and the EU as a whole “sacrifices” its already “spoiled” reputation, calling Russia a state sponsor of terrorism. Thus, the propagandists tried to devalue the European institutions and their decisions on Russia.

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