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Fake French farmers allegedly flooded the Ukrainian Embassy with feces

This information is disseminated by pro-Russian resources. They say this happened after the Ukrainian Embassy in France allegedly wrote an official letter of appeal to French farmers calling on them to stop the protests. The letter allegedly said that “the people of Ukraine regret that French farmers, faced with the first economic difficulties, turned their backs on the French government and the Ukrainian people”. Ukrainian diplomats also called on the French to follow the example of the Ukrainians and unite for the sake of their own Motherland. This appeal allegedly angered French farmers, and they resorted to corresponding provocation. To confirm this information, propagandists refer to the “story” of the EuroNews TV channel on this topic.

In fact, this information is not true. The Ukrainian Embassy in France did not write a letter to French farmers, and EuroNews never published such a story. The latter is evidenced, in particular, by the fact that the corresponding video was not published on any of the channel’s official resources. In addition, the “news” about French farmers has already been refuted by BBC journalist Shayan Sardarizadeh on his page on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

It should be noted that the Russian-language version of Euronews is known for its anti-Ukrainian editorial policy and the dissemination of Kremlin propaganda, but even there they did not publish the corresponding fake story.

On behalf of leading news resources, Russians are distributing fake videos online to discredit Ukraine. This video is the last of a series of similar ones. It is noteworthy that propagandists disseminated this disinformation story against the backdrop of France and Ukraine approaching the finalization of a bilateral agreement on security guarantees for the latter.

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