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Manipulation Due to mobilization, 4 million veterans will appear in Ukraine after the war

On anonymous telegram channels, propagandists spread information with pro-Russian rhetoric that after the end of the war there will be 4 million war veterans in Ukraine. They argue that this is an indirect confirmation of the scale of mobilization and losses in Ukraine. However, this is manipulation.

Analysts of the VoxCheck project drew attention to it. They found that Minister for Veterans Affairs Yuliia Laputina spoke several times about the number of people who might need help from the relevant ministry after the war. So, on May 8, 2023, in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine, she stated that until February 24, there were “about 500 thousand people in Ukraine who are directly participants in the Anti-Terrorist Operation and the Joint Forces Operation”. At the same time, Laputina emphasized that if one adds to this figure the family members of those killed and injured during the Revolution of Dignity, as well as “all other categories”, including participants in the Second World War and persons equated to them, participants in peacekeeping missions, the number of these persons will be “approximately 1.2 million”. The minister only added that after the war this figure would be many times higher and could reach “4-5 million people”.

By manipulating the statements of Ukrainian officials, propagandists want to give out the desired for reality and create a false impression that Ukraine has lost. In fact, Laputina spoke about the total number of people to be supported by the Ministry of Veterans, namely the military and their families, civilians who suffered as a result of the Revolution of Dignity and the war. VoxCheck analysts note that this indicator cannot be used to assess the scale of losses and mobilization in Ukraine.

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