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Message Counteroffensive of the Ukrainian army as fabrication of drug addicts and criminals

This thesis is spread by propagandists who deny the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Kherson region. These messages say that everything seems to be a lie, since the military personnel are not capable of anything - they are drug addicts.

According to EU vs Disinfo analysts, Ukrainian forces have broken through the first line of defense in unspecified areas of Kherson region and have been trying to take advantage of the gap in Russian offensive lines caused by Ukrainian HIMARS strikes for many weeks.

At the same time, Ukraine has not yet confirmed the dismissal of a single settlement. As we said before, it is too early to guess the results of the counteroffensive , if it is successful or not. Military action of the magnitude of this counter-offensive does not resort and fail in a day or a week.

Previously, propagandists claimed that the counter-offensive of the Ukrainian army failed immediately after it began.

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