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Fake Azovstal employee asked to join the Russian army to take revenge on Azov.

The Russian media spread a staged video in which an Azovstal employee in Mariupol allegedly talks about the "tyrants" from Azov, to whom he is going to take revenge for being left without a home. He also passionately thanks Vladimir Putin and intends to join the Russian army or police. According to the Center for Strategic Communications at the ICMP, Azovstal's personnel department denied that a man with this name and surname has never worked at the company. The Mariupol City Council called the man in the video an "actor".

Earlier, the Hrati newspaper reported that Mariupol residents forcibly deported to Russia upon arrival to the occupied territories are sent to filtration camps. There, they are photographed, fingerprinted, and their phone data is copied by FSB officers. The Russian publication Mediazone published proof that the video of the girl recounting Azov's crimes against civilians in Mariupol was recorded by an FSB officer and distributed to Russian media with the requirement not to specify the source of the video. The Russian media published it for their materials. The girl in the video also thanked Putin.

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