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Disclosure At a meeting with African leaders, Putin presented a fake “agreement on the neutrality of Ukraine”

On June 17, Putin met with the leaders of African countries, where he presented a “pact on the neutrality of Ukraine”. This agreement was allegedly initiated by the Ukrainian side during negotiations in the spring of 2022.

The “document” was noticed by the fact-checkers of the Center for Strategic Communications, who found out that it was not real. This is indicated by the following facts:

the Ukrainian side did not initiate any “neutrality treaties”; Putin showed the working materials of the Russian-Ukrainian negotiation process in 2022 under the guise of a treaty; after the facts about the crimes of Russia in Bucha were revealed, after the evidence of the genocide of the Ukrainian people, the negotiations were terminated; no agreements were reached in the negotiations, and the Ukrainian side rejected the veiled form of surrender promoted by Russia; after the discovery of the facts of the massacre in Bucha and other evidence of the Kremlin's implementation of the genocide of the Ukrainian people, the negotiations lost their meaning and were terminated.

So, Putin showed a fake document to African leaders, counting on their ignorance.

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