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Message “Anti-Russian” sentiments have decreased in Ukraine

This thesis was circulated on social networks, in particular on telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric. Reports say authorities are reporting how Ukrainians have lessened “anti-Russian” sentiment. Like, the Ukrainians are glad of the shelling and are gradually trying to go over to the Russian side. The authors add that, of course, the “situation” has not changed dramatically, because Zelenskyi constantly keeps Ukrainians in his “claws” and feeds hatred towards Russians by introducing a policy of “russophobia”.

Such a thesis is unfounded. First, the authorities did not issue such a statement or even publish any study that could indicate a change in sentiment. At the same time, propagandists talk about the opposite in order to subconsciously push Ukrainians towards “reconciliation”. Allegedly, if the majority already treats the Russians well, it is worth “forgetting everything”. At the same time, they also note the policy of so-called russophobia, which Zelenskyi allegedly implements to make Ukrainians treat Russians badly. However, even without the political campaign of “russophobia”, it is clear that the Russians are aggressors who daily commit war crimes against peaceful Ukrainians. Ukrainian cities, towns and villages are being destroyed, and people are being killed and raped. The so-called Russophobia is a direct impact on the inhuman actions of Russia against Ukraine and Ukrainians.

In addition, according to the results of a social survey by the Rating group conducted in August 2022, 81% of Ukrainians have a negative attitude towards Russians (in April 2022 there were 69% of such people, in April 2021 - 41%), 14% are neutral, only 3% positive. That is, we are not talking about a decrease in “anti-Russian” sentiments, the level of negative attitude towards Russians has increased in the conditions of a full-scale war.

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