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Fake A security guard who accompanied Zelenskyi at the UN General Assembly started a fight in a New York bar

Russian media broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric and Kremlin propagandists are distributing a video of an employee of Volodymyr Zelenskyi’s security service allegedly accompanying him to the UN General Assembly allegedly starting a fight in New York at a local bar, The Campbell Bar, not far from the UN building. In the low-quality video, we first see footage of the visit of the Ukrainian delegation to the United States, and then the crush of a group of men. Russian propaganda refers to the American publication USA Today, which apparently published this video. It's fake.

The case was investigated by the fact-checker of the StopFake project. The video published by propaganda is a forgery. It is impossible to identify the men in the video, and the text accompanying the video is riddled with errors. Fact-checkers analyzed the bar in the video and compared it with The Campbell Bar - they are visually different. Also, the bar administration, authorized representative of the company Scott Gerber, said in a comment to StopFake: “This video is a fake. This was not the case at the Campbell Bar”.

Moreover, the American publication USA Today did not publish material about the fight that Zelenskyi’s security guard allegedly started. There is no information on this case on the publication’s website or on the company’s social networks.

Thus, Russian propagandists are trying to discredit Volodymyr Zelenskyi and the Ukrainian delegation in the United States and reduce Western support. Previously, we refuted the fake that Suspilne compiled a video of Zelenskyi’s speech at the UN General Assembly.

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