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Disclosure On behalf of “Nova Poshta”, fraudsters launched a drawing of six thousand hryvnias

There are reports on the network that Nova Poshta has launched a drawing where it offers to take a survey and win 6,000 hryvnias “as a gift for Women's Day”.

VoxCheck fact-checkers checked the messages and found out that the company never hosts such events. The official website and Facebook page of “Nova Poshta” denied the message about the drawing.

The site referred to by the fraudsters does not belong to the Nova Poshta company. To convince users to take part in the draw, theн added “joyful” comments from those who had already allegedly won money. Nevertheless, these users resemble bots, because they have uncharacteristic names for Ukraine or significant grammatical errors can be noticed in the comments.

To “win a gift”, users must answer a few questions. These questions are also misspelled. After that, the user has the opportunity to win a cash gift from 3 attempts. The fact-checkers managed to “win” the money on the first try. To “receive a gift”, one needs to share the information about the draw in 5 groups or with 20 friends and complete the registration. After that, the site prompts you to enter the code and wait for the administrator to consider the application. However, when you try to enter the code, a third-party site opens, access to which is restricted.

Detector Media has repeatedly talked about such schemes, when users were offered to “win”: five thousand hryvnias of assistance from Ukrposhta and Nova Poshta, five thousand hryvnias of assistance from PrivatBank, six thousand hryvnias of “New Year's” assistance and so on.

Disclosure On behalf of “Safari”, the special forces regiment, fraudsters collect money for military equipment

Fraudsters spread messages in the Ukrainian segment of social networks that supposedly the Safari special forces regiment of the National police of Ukraine was raising funds for thermal imagers and other military ammunition. The swindlers claimed that they were fellow soldiers from the Korosten region. Like, the regiment works not only at zero front, but also “behind enemy lines”, so it needs help to purchase the necessary equipment. The purpose of the collection is almost six thousand dollars.

In fact, the Safari special forces regiment does not and did not collect funds for ammunition. This was reported in the national police of Ukraine.

The department urges everyone to carefully check the messages about the fundraising, so as not to become victims of scammers.

Earlier, Detector Media talked about letters received by entrepreneurs from Khmelnytskyi, Odesa, Zhytomyr and Dnipropetrovsk regions from scammers who allegedly raised funds for the alleged needs of the Ukrainian army.

Disclosure Fraudsters offer Ukrainians to receive a “state fuel subsidy”

Information is being disseminated on social networks that due to the difficult energy situation in the country, the so-called “state fuel subsidy” is provided for Ukrainians with the assistance of the national network of WOG gas stations. To receive a subsidy, they say, you need to follow the link and take a short survey, followed by the opportunity to choose a prize, and then share the results with friends.

Fact-checkers of the “Brekhunets” (Liar) project checked the information and found that it was a scam. By clicking on the link, the fact of the checkers was transferred to a fake site that has nothing to do with the official WOG site. Subsequently, they offered to take a survey and choose a winning bundle, which contains a “state fuel subsidy” in the form of seven thousand hryvnias. Then you need to share with 20 friends to “receive” the reward.

The WOG official website also denied such information and published a warning about scammers who distribute fake pranks in instant messengers. At the same time, company employees note that the purpose of such actions is mainly to steal personal user data from social networks.

Disclosure Fraudsters offer Ukrainians to receive non-existent foreign assistance

According to the Center for counteracting disinformation, scammers send fake messages online and on phones about the possibility of receiving financial assistance from foreign partners. Like, every Ukrainian can receive 6,500 hryvnia on a bank card.

To get such “assistance”, scammers offer to follow the link and enter personal data to enter the site. The design on the fake site imitates official web resources. After the introduction of bank details, thieves withdraw all funds from the owner's card.

The Center urges people to check information in official sources so as not to become a victim of fraudsters. Also, in case of suspicion of fraudulent activities on the Internet, they are asked to inform the cyber police by e-mail: callcenter@cyberpolice.gov.ua.

Taking advantage of the difficult situation of Ukrainians because of the war, scammers systematically offer a variety of “help”. Previously, scammers offered 6,000 hryvnias of “New Year's” assistance, 5,000 hryvnias of assistance from PrivatBank, financial assistance from the Uappl project, winter payments from the European Union, etc.

Disclosure Fraudsters promise Ukrainians six thousand hryvnias of “New Year's” assistance

Messages are distributed through social networks and instant messengers. Like, every Ukrainian can receive a one-time cash payment as a New Year's aid. The messages have got a link where you need to register ostensibly to receive money. They note that this is assistance from the state, which “by order was appointed by President Volodymyr Zelenskyi”.

Fact-checkers of the Brekhunets (Liar) project checked these reports. The link hides an anonymous telegram channel with the name “Payments from the state to every citizen of Ukraine”. The channel avatar has the logo of the Privat24 application. However, on the channel, the authors say that financial assistance can be obtained from three banks, the names of which are written with errors.

Under the name of each of the banks, there is a published link, allegedly to a “personal account”, in which you can apply for New Year's “help”. However, instead of a “personal account” there is a form in which they offer to enter a bank card number, password and pin code. That is, instead of “help”, scammers get access to bank accounts.

On the website of the President of Ukraine there is no information about financial assistance on the occasion of the New Year holidays. The press service of Privatbank confirmed to the fact-checkers that they do not pay any New Year's aid from the state. There is no information about these “New Year's payments from the state” on the websites of other banks as well.

Disclosure Fraudsters lure Ukrainians under the pretext of payments from the EU

In the Ukrainian segment of Facebook, reports are circulating that the European Union has allegedly allocated $600 million to help Ukrainians during the winter. Like, every Ukrainian and every Ukrainian woman will receive a payment, which is 13,280 hryvnia. As proof, netizens are attaching a likely screenshot from the “Diia” (Action) app showing the cash aid application process. However, in reality, there are no such payments for Ukrainians.

According to Voxcheck specialists, there is no mention of individual payments to people from the EU in official sources. In addition, applications for assistance from international organizations are accepted through the “YePidtrymka” (“Support”) program or in certain banks.

By spreading such messages, scammers are trying to gain an audience on their channels, because the mailing method is beneficial for community administrators in social networks in order to increase activity and the number of comments in their chats and under messages.

Fake Entrepreneurs in the Rivne region receive fake letters about donations for the Ukrainian army

Such letters with a request to participate in the “charitable financial assistance program for the Armed Forces of Ukraine” are sent on behalf of the head of the Rivne regional military administration.

False letters were found in Rivne military regional administration.

Fraudsters promise that for this help, the business will allegedly receive a reduction in income tax in proportion to the donated charitable amount.

“This is the work of scammers. They are already being dealt with by law enforcement agencies”, the Rivne district police department assured and stressed that they never send out such appeals. The humanitarian activities of the administration are carried out as publicly as possible.

Disclosure On Facebook, scammers urge Ukrainians to apply for financial assistance

Several pages of alleged Facebook users leave comments under posts on the pages of Ukrainian authorities and other organizations. The comments call on Ukrainians to apply for “financial assistance along with the Uappl project”.

There is no information about the organization providing assistance on the site posted on the link. It is designed solely to collect data from people who need help and those who want to become a volunteer. After registration, you need to record a video message for help, which is redirected to the TikTok page of this volunteer organization. All video messages end with a fake QR code supposedly to help with this message. However, this code does not recognize either a smartphone or online verification sites. Also, according to their requirements, it is necessary to create an account on Binance, to which allegedly funds will be received. No information about those who received assistance could be found.

The site is located on the same server with a resource related to cryptocurrencies. There is also a similar site focused on Poland.

This help is advertised on pages that attract attention because they are registered in foreign names, but most of the messages on them are in Ukrainian. In addition to the main photo, place of residence and educational institution, there is no other personal information. Most allegedly live in London and graduated from various British educational institutions. The pages are generally active. Moreover, one of the bots left a comment with the “help” advertising on another fake page. Of the four verified accounts, two downloaded avatars on June 10, and the next two - on June 12.

Disclosure Germans receive fake letters with an offer to join the foreign legion in Ukraine for a monetary reward

It seems that such letters to German citizens are sent to the post office by the Consulate General of Ukraine in Dusseldorf. The speaker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleh Nikolenko said that such letters are a forgery. “The Ukrainian consular office did not send any such messages”, he said.

The Foreign Ministry said the consuls had already contacted the German police for an investigation.

“We consider the distribution of fake letters as part of the enemy’s disinformation campaign, which aims to discredit Ukrainian diplomacy, undermine support for Ukraine from Germany and its citizens,” Nikolenko said.

Disclosure A fake chatbot of the head of the Poltava regional military administration was created on the network

This was announced by the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security with reference to the head of the Poltava police department Dmytro Lunin.

The official Telegram chatbot @lunin_in_bot is called "Text Dmytro Lunin". Lunin draws attention to the fact that the official chatbot does not request user account data and does not send messages to personal phone numbers.

Now cases of creating fake accounts and chat bots that mimic official sources of information have become more frequent. Earlier it was reported about the fake chat-bot of DTEK and the fake website of the Come Back Alive Foundation

Fake Fake DTEK telegram channel revealed on the network

The Center for Counteracting Disinformation reports that against the backdrop of the energy crisis, fake social networks have begun to appear that copy the official channels of Ukrainian energy companies.

In particular, a fake Telegram channel of DTEK Kyiv Regional Electric Grids was discovered (https://t.me/DTEKKyivskelectromerezhibot). The official chat bot of this company in Telegram has the address: https://t.me/DTEKKyivRegionElektromerezhiBot.

Such fake communication channels can be used to destabilize the internal situation and spread panic among Ukrainians.

Раніше у мережі поширювали фейкові графіки викнення електроенергії та повідомлення про «енергетичну тривогу», а також створили фейковий сайт фонду «Повернись живим».

Disclosure In Volyn, there is spread information about a fake raffle from "Oschadbank."

On Facebook, fraudsters spread the message that Oschadbank has decided to give away cash to anyone who wants it. To do this, you allegedly need to share the post and choose the "lucky number" of one of the 12 envelopes in the image.

The fact-checkers of the "Brekhunets" project found out that this message is fake. There is no information about the raffle either on the official website of "Oschadbank" or its official Facebook page.

In addition, there are several other signs of fraud. The Facebook page that offers the raffle is significantly different from the official page. Oschadbank's page has 267,000 subscribers, a contact phone number, an email address, and a link to the network's website. The fraudulent page has 21 readers and no information. In Volyn groups, a post about a fraudulent raffle allegedly from a Ukrainian bank is being spread from a foreigner's page, which has only one post.

Disclosure The scammers are broadcasting live from the front line

There are reports on social networks that the IT military allegedly created a telegram channel, where they use radar to inform which direction missiles are flying, and also broadcast live from the front.

According to the fact-checkers of the Brehunets (Liar) project, over time, messages from channels disappear, and if you follow the link, you can come across an outside channel, the purpose of which is to gain an audience and “promote” the channel. Therefore, analysts urge not to follow such publications in the telegram.

Note that the Ukrainian army does not broadcast its battles because all operations remain secret. And it is generally impossible to know the exact trajectory of a rocket flight.

Disclosure In telegram channels, messages are sent to Ukrainians and they are promised payments of 3,500 hryvnias due to Russian aggression

Fraudsters send messages from a hidden user. They say that "today" at 12 o'clock it was decided that every citizen of Ukraine can receive financial assistance in connection with Russia's aggression. Instructions on how to get money on the card are allegedly posted at the link.

Fraudsters do not note who exactly made the decision to pay out. There is a separate link for each bank. The design of the pages is similar to real banking sites. However, the link to the pages of different banks has a similar part "ki-pay.me". This is a sign of a private domain and cannot be owned by an official organization. For the most part, such domains are used by graphic designers, web developers, photographers, etc.

Disclosure A fake letter is being sent to the entrepreneurs of the Odesa region regarding participation in the humanitarian aid program of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

This was reported by the spokesman of the Odesa Regional Military Administration, Serhii Bratchuk. Fraudsters send letters of appeal in personal messages to managers of many enterprises, private individuals, and the e-mail address of companies and organizations. In the letter, allegedly from Odesa OVA, signed by Maksym Marchenko, they are asked to participate in the humanitarian aid program of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and provide details for the transfer of funds. Fraudsters also write the amount to be transferred by the entrepreneur, allegedly for the purchase of military ammunition and equipment. The letter also states that "the actions have been coordinated with the President of Ukraine and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine." This letter is fake.

Fake The SSU taps phones all over the country and monitors social networks

Viber chats spread the old fake about "total wiretapping of phones throughout the country" and "full monitoring of social networks." Now the SSU allegedly reports this, writes the Situation Center of the city of Dnipro. It is an old fake that has been circulating periodically since at least 2017. Previously, it was published only in Russian. On February 24, 2022, the day of Russia's full-scale attack on Ukraine, the fake news that phone calls, as well as messages and calls on Whatsapp, Twitter, and Facebook, will be recorded from February 25, was translated into Ukrainian and began to spread on Ukrainian social networks.